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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ubud Bali Tourism, Peace on the Island of Bali

Tour of Ubud Bali is one of the destinations that are different from a number of attractions in Bali you will ever know. Of the object of romantic and attractive beaches, Bali also offers you a place where peace and tranquility the soul you can enjoy. Located in Gianyar, Ubud Bali tourist area famous for its history, art, and culture that is so breathtaking.

Ubud in Bali had long been known among lovers of travel, both domestic and foreign tourists. Administratively, Ubud is a town on Bali that gathered from 13 leads the banjarese 6 village customs. The topography of the area of Ubud rice field surrounded in General as well as forests that are flanked by ravines and rivers. It adds to the natural beauty of Ubud in Bali, inspiring to anyone who came to visit him, as well as the hospitality of the local people dressed which was awesome.

This Ubud Bali tourist destinations is also one of the favorite destinations for artists. You will find many artists from Europe in Ubud, not only among domestic only. Of the arts of painting, sculpture, dance, until these things is the pulse of Ubud and became the place of the real identity. In this place you can explore a variety of unique and exciting side owned Balinese traditions and culture. Dance performance in Ubud, Kecak, Legong and Barong held every week. In addition, there is also a classical dance drama Ramayana and Mahabrata, gamelan performances, as well as the Balinese wayang kulit.

A Hollywood movie starring the legendary actress Julia Roberts and Christin judges, titled "Eat, Pray, Love" made the Ubud Bali as one of the shooting locations of the film. This is a form of recognition of the existence of the Town as one of Bali's most interesting sights are worth a visit. If you stroll around Town, there are many art galleries and local handicraft. If you want to learn to paint, Ubud is one of the most recommended in Bali. A sense of peace, friendship, and beauty of nature is a sure thing you find in Ubud.

Address: Ubud Kab. Gianyar, Bali
Location map: click here
GPS coordinates:-8.507044, 115.262541

Attractive Tourist Spots Of Ubud Bali

There are many interesting places and activities you can do while visiting this Ubud Bali tourist area. For lovers of the arts, in transit from one gallery to another gallery to enjoy a variety of local artists work is always done. Or, visit the performance-art performances to enjoy traditional Balinese dance. The best way to enjoy the peace in Ubud Bali is by staying for a few days there.

The following are a number of attractions worth to visit Ubud.

1. Ubud Art Market

This is in fact the usual traditional markets Familiars You have met in various places in Indonesia. But, as time has moved on past the middle of the day, then you will find many craft artistry in this market. The Ubud art market consists of two floors, is located in the Centre of Ubud, just ahead of the Puri Agung Bali or the former Government offices in the Kingdom of Ubud at first.

In this market, there are a variety of typical Balinese artistry goods stalls, ranging from clothing, fabrics, crafts like bags, hats, accessories, ornaments, wall paintings, souvenirs, etc. This is one of the places to buy souvenirs of Bali are recommended. One thing that is interesting, in this market you can buy different souvenirs typical local handicraft and Bali at a price that is cheaper than other places on the island of the gods. Of course, you should have the ability to bid prices.

2. Museum Puri Lukisan

The tourist area of Ubud Bali is famous as one of the Central works of painter in Indonesia. That is why, visit the Museum Puri Lukisan in Ubud is an interesting thing to do. In this museum, You can see the various works of local artists who dazzled in awe.

Museum dating from the mid-1950s this save some the best collection of paintings from various schools of art in Bali. In this museum you can find out the flow of art in Bali was originally transformed from traditional to modern style pioneered by the artists painting Ubud.

3. Puri Agung, Ubud

Located right in the center of Ubud, this is the place that became the center of Ubud's Royal Government in the past. The mansion is also a center of art and cultural activities and customs have always held the Castle front. Spatial and building the mansion still as origin.

You can enjoy a wonderful dance performances on the front page of the Puri Agung, Ubud was in an area called Ancak-food. Dance performances are held once a week. In addition, you can watch various music in Ubud art group who practice every day in the mansion.

4. Garden Wanara Wana

Derived from Sanskrit, meaning monkey Wanara Wana and means forest. Foreign tourists knew him as "Monkey Forest". This is a small forest which became habitat for hundreds of species of apes in Ubud since hundreds of years ago. In General, animals are apes in this place are benign and you can give him a food if liked.

Local wisdom calls this forest as a forest that is sacred. In this forest area also there are three ancient temples that you can visit, the Pura Dalem Padangtegal Temple, Sacred, and Men Scouting a Mandala. And also, this forest is a Village Graveyard, a place where you can witness the Cremation ceremony of the directly become the hallmark of the island of Bali. Complete ceremony procession in temples (odalan) as well as ceremonial cremation (Ngaben) you can find in the tourist area of Ubud Bali on this one.

The way To Ubud in Bali

It is not difficult to get to the tourist area of Ubud Bali is. In addition, explore the beauty and hospitality of Ubud can be done easily. Few sights in Ubud are concentrated at one location to each other.

If you from Jakarta or Bandung, then to be able to reach Ubud will only have to travel as far as 40 km from Ngurah Rai International Airport of Bali. It will only take about 45 minutes to 1 hour if driving by car from the airport through Jln. Bypass Ngurah Ra, who then passes through Jln. Raya Batu Bulan, Jln. Raya Singapadu, and it Jln. Raya Lodtunduh. In addition to via air mode of transportation, you can travel to Ubud Bali from Surabaya and Banyuwangi in crossings aboard.

Hotels in the tourist area of Ubud Bali

Although only a town gathered from a number of villages in Bali, Ubud is an area of international class accommodation facilities are available, as there is on hotels in Kuta Bali. There are many hotels and resorts in Ubud Bali, both from the class of stars up to a variety of other attractive budget accommodation, such as budget hotels and homestay. The best way to enjoy tours Ubud is to settle for a few days there. Staying in a homestay it felt would be the best way for those of you who want to invest in the lives of the real people of Bali.

To get a hotel, maybe you should do a booking in advance to get the empty rooms, especially in the holiday season. You can contact the hotel there or looking for a hotel in Ubud online. One of the online booking popular among connoisseurs travel is AGODA. Book your hotel below!

The Awesome Island of Karimun Jawa

It's time you design all of your preparation to spend holiday time with their best. For those of you who haven't thought of any tourist destination, it's good if you're thinking of coming to Karimun Jawa. Why? This one is a island vacation alternative for those of you who have the funds not much, and for those of you who are already saturated vacation to the island of the gods.

In Karimun, you can enjoy the beauty of marine life that you can see with your own eyes, without the slightest hindrance. Natural beauty is still very beautiful is the reason why many people come to visit the island on this one. Not as many as on tourism in Bali, which has been very hectic with all sorts of traffic, as well gives a very calm Karimun Jawa you are looking for in Your vacation time.

Karimun Jawa is a tourist attractions you can accomplish once traveled overland to Jepara city. After that, you have to cross to the Karimun Jawa. Usually, if you follow a tourist agent schedule, you've got all the amenities which include the transportation crossroads of home and away. Anything you can do on this island? Certainly a lot of things. As already stated at the beginning, the island is are alternative other than Bali if you want to take a vacation to a place full of beach and also seduced by a very clean white sand. Therefore, you can do water sports such as snorkeling to see marine life that is very beautiful. There are coral reefs, the fish are cute and adorable, and many other life strategies can You see yourself. For those of you who like a challenge, there is a pond containing sharks, where you can go into it and swim with the sharks. Don't worry and panic just yet! Sharks in the pond it is benign and not sharks prey on humans. Its size is also not as big as sharks that you often see in the movies.

Wherever you are in Your tour, karimun Jawa will be spoiled by the sound of the surf and the caress of white sand. These sights are very suitable for those who love the atmosphere of the beach and the warmth of the Sun. You can freely enjoy the sunrise and sunset here, because there are no tall buildings like the place you work. You can get it all at a price of Rp 600.000,- that already includes everything but still in a size and quality that standard only. You can find information on lodging in the tourist agent via Karimun Jawa that you trust. Don't forget to bring your own photo equipment.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bandung Tourism – Saung Angklung Udjo

The city of Bandung have always been the ultimate choice in travel for the inhabitants of Jakarta and its surrounding areas. Not only is close and cool, Bandung also has many interesting sightseeing options so many citizens of Jakarta, Sentul, Bogor, Banten and Sukabumi even came up repeatedly for sightseeing in the city.

For those of you who want to visit the different attractions, unique, as well as entertain and educate then you can try come to Saung Angklung Udjo. Saung Angklung Udjo is a Center for the preservation of traditional cultures and live in Bandung. For parents, you can commemorate past play angklung, while in this place for your child, they can learn to recognize Indonesia's culture is rarely found in these great cities.

In addition to arts and cultural excursions, Saung Angklung Udjo also often got visits from groups of schools who wish to learn traditional culture directly in place. Saung Angklung Udjo also attracted international attention so many foreign tourists who come to visit to enjoy the sound of angklung is beautiful and calming the liver.

Founders and history of Saung Angklung Udjo

Saung Angklung Udjo was built in 1966 by Udjo Ngalagena, also known as Mang Udjo along with his wife, Uum Sumiati, with the aim of preserving traditional arts and culture of Sunda.

Udjo Ngalagena is an artist who felt angklung from West Java. Born on March 5, 1929, Udjo Ngalagena was the sixth child of spouse Wiranta and Imi. Udjo Ngalagena already knows the art of angklung with familiar since she was 4 years old so it's not surprising that Udjo Ngalagena so love this art to finally establish the Saung Angklung Udjo.

In addition to the angklung Udjo Ngalagena, also studied the traditional martial art of pencak silat, gamelan Orchestra, harp, and also songs speaking region of Indonesia and the Netherlands. Because it's not just the Saung Angklung Udjo presents performances of angklung, but also various typical arts of West Java.

After Udjo Ngalagena on 03 May 2001, Saung Angklung Udjo fixed forwarded by the son-daughter Udjo Ngalagena Saung Angklung Udjo remains so crowded with visitors who want to see the beauty of the traditional arts of the region.

Performance at Saung Angklung Udjo

Performing arts are displayed every day, from 15.30 to 17.30. The show is not only filled with game Angklung, but also filled with traditional dance and wayang golek.

Performing arts are not limited only on site, but the Saung Angklung Udjo can also perform by invitation in various places. In addition Saung Angklung Udjo also sells various traditional bamboo instruments like the angklung, calung, arumba, and others).

Shows what you can expect at Saung Angklung Udjo, namely:

1. Demonstration of Wayang Golek
Staging a play doll-like Sundanese wooden human body complete with a costume. Each staging marionette there is always a moral message.

2. Helaran
Helaran typically played traditional circumcision ceremony and ritual harvest of rice. Because it aims to entertain and give thanks to God, his music is uplifting and joyful. Angklung is used to Helaran the angklung was pitched pentatonis.

3. Mask Dance
Typical dances of Cirebon that performed by women. First they will be dancing without the use of masks. The story is a news anchor of Majapahit is investigating the circumstances of Blambangan. Then they start dancing wearing a mask with the story the news anchor posing to be a mighty one man to fight King Menakjingga. A red mask represents a hot-blooded man character.

4. The Angklung Orchestra
Angklung is not only used to accompany songs Sunda only. The angklung Orchestra, will play a variety of songs, ranging from balonku, twinkle-twinkle little star, up to dangdut songs and folk songs Indonesia.

5. Play angklung together
The audience was also given the opportunity to play angklung. Children guidance Saung Angklung Udjo will lend the angklung with different numbers. With the guidance and instruction of Saung Angklung Udjo, in a very short time, viewers can play a couple of songs with the angklung.

6. Dancing Together
At the end of the show, the children who join the Saung Angklung Udjo will invite the audience to dance and sing along.

Saung Angklung Udjo Location

Saung Angklung Udjo located at Jalan Padasuka No. 118, not far from the center of Bandung city. To be able to reach the Saung Angklung Udjo with private vehicles is very easy. When you drive from Jakarta, then you just need to go out the door the Pasteur toll then straight up and fly over the road crossing and road Ph Surapati. Hasan Mustapa. Then you will see the signpost Saung Angklung Udjo down the road Padasuka. You just need to follow the instructions of the Board turn and within approximately 200 metres You will arrive at Saung Angklung Udjo. Don't have to worry about going through this place unknowingly because Saung Angklung Udjo is unique with plenty of bamboo in front of him.

When using a minibus, minibus ride from Surapati, number 06 Cicaheum – Ciroyom route (direction of Cicaheum) then down at the crossroad of Padasuka, from here you can walk as far as approximately 500 metres away or take the taxi to the Saung Angklung Udjo.

The price of admission Saung Angklung Udjo

Ticket prices for performances not Saung Angklung Udjo is expensive:

Adult (WNI): Rp 60.000
Adult (FOREIGN NATIONAL): Rp 100.000 
Student (WNI): Rp 40.000 
Students (FOREIGN NATIONAL): Rp 60.000 
Children under 3 years: free
The prices are for weekdays and weekends. In addition, tickets for the show also includes drinks with a choice: mineral water, tea, or iced Lolly as well as souvenirs in the form of key chains shaped angklung.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

7 Beaches in Bali that Tourist must-see

No doubt, today's Bali has become the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. Offers a variety of exciting attractions, ranging from Beach tourism, adventure tourism, mountain tourism, nature tourism, cultural tourism and sightseeing to shopping, attractions in Bali is Indonesia's most complete and also suitable for everyone.

Of the many tourist attractions in Bali, the most famous tourist attractions are its beaches. What are the tourist attractions of Bali's beaches are must-see? Check out some of the following:

1. Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is a tourist icon of Bali, no one who came to Bali Kuta Beach and not knowing. Tourist beach which is located not far from the airport has long coastal lines and curved, so you can stroll to settle in this area. Besides the beach called ' sunset beach ' also offers a surfing experience is suitable for beginners. Because it is so crowded with visitors, you can easily find the best shopping, dining, hotel, gift shop, and others around the Kuta Beach.

2. Padang Padang Beach

Padang Padang beach is a beautiful beach, but not too well known to citizens of Indonesia. Beaches are hidden behind a cliff is located in Pecatu area, not far from Uluwatu. To reach this beach, you have to pass through a cave that the course had to turn because the width is only enough for 1 person only. Although not as big and along Kuta Beach, Padang Padang Beach offers a very unique and clean so that was included in the list of shore excursions in Bali that the mandatory visit.

3. Lovina Beach

Same with Padang Padang Lovina Beach, also not too famous for the color of the country of Indonesia, but the beach is conveniently located in North Bali offers a very different experience with other beaches in Bali. The main attractions offered black sandy beach it is the dolphins. By the time you arrive in Lovina Beach, the first thing you will see is a giant dolphin statue which is the icon of this beach.

To be able to see dolphins playing and jumping in its natural habitat, you should come to this beach in the morning, if possible before the sun rises. Increasing morning you come, the more chance you have to play with the dolphins because during the day the dolphins will swim away from the beach. The number of dolphins that you can see at Lovina beach not only 1-2 course, but rather the tens to hundreds of dolphins, it is too bad when you miss.

To be able to enjoy this matchless experience, you have to climb fishing boat that has a capacity of about 6 people per boat. No need to worry about sinking this boat because it was designed specifically for the choppy sea, besides you'll also wear adequate safety equipment.

4. Jimbaran Beach

Not as many as the Jimbaran Beach Kuta Beach during the daytime, but at night the Jimbaran Beach will be met by your visitors. Jimbaran beach is a beach which offers a culinary tour of the coast, therefore do not be surprised if there are a lot of restaurants lining the edge of the beach. The mainstay of the menu of restaurant-the restaurant is of course the seafood still fresh due to their material directly obtained from fishermen around this beach.

In addition to eating indoors restaurant, you can also eat on sand beaches which gently as there are many tables and chairs lined along this coast attractions. At nightfall, several restaurants here will present live music to complement Your dinner experience is exceptional.

5. Dreamland Beach

Dreamland beach is a tourist beach in Bali, located in southern Bali, Pecatu area precisely. The beach is surrounded by a row of high cliffs and is only 30 minutes away from Kuta Beach. The atmosphere and the conditions are similar to Dreamland beach of Kuta Beach, but with less number of visitors so it is very suitable for you who want to find peace.

The origin of the name of this beach is quite unique. Dreamland beach or in bahasa Indonesia means ' land of dreams ' is named so because once the locals hope project on tourism and housing in this location can give them land a better job, but unfortunately in the end this great project is hampered and unresolved.

6. Pandava Beach

Pandava Beach referred to as secret beach in Bali is a tourist beach in Bali that well-suited for You which is less lively atmosphere of love. The beach that is located behind a limestone Cliff has views of Sunrise deserves to be enjoyed. The beach is located in the subdistrict of Pandava Fleas South, roughly around 18 KM from the airport. Although not far, but there is no public transportation that runs around the site so you have to use private vehicles, taxis or rent a vehicle.

7. Sanur Beach

When the Kuta Beach touted as ' sunset beach ', then Sanur is a ' Sunrise Coast ' that are not less interesting. The beach is located to the East of Denpasar city, it has a characteristic waves calm so you can't play surf beach attractions. The calm waves also indicates that the waters around Sanur Beach is ideal for snorkelling and diving activities for beginners. Activity that is preferred in place of coastal tourism in Bali it is enjoy the Sunrise while swimming in the calm sea.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Trip to Umang Island ( Banten )

Banten Province, which is adjacent to the capital city of Jakarta, save a lot of potential for an interesting natural attractions are the beautiful beaches. Carita Beach and Tanjung Lesung are two examples of the famous natural sights of Banten Province. In addition to the beaches of Carita and Tanjung Lesung, Banten also has other natural attractions are not less interesting Umang island.

Location and travel

Umangisland is located in the Town of wells, Pandeglang, Banten. Its location is approximately 183 kilometers from the capital of Jakarta and is approximately 6 hours drive from Jakarta.

If you want to travel to the island of crab, journey begins with a bus from the terminal Kalideres. From the terminal bus you choose Kalideres headed to Labuan by paying the cost of 25,000 Dollars. Travel from terminal Kalideres – Labuan will take approximately 4 hours. From Labuan, you can proceed using the bus fare with pay 15,000 Rupiah to wells that takes approximately 2 hours.

The road from Labuan heading Citeureup his condition is quite good. Enter the Cibaliung Citeureup to Wells, the road starts winding up and down. You will also pass the Ujung Kulon National Park are forested and still look natural.

Approximately one kilometre from the coast Well, you should buy a ticket amounting to 100,000 Dollars for the crossing to the island of Crab by using boats. Travel by boat to the island of Crab takes only 5 minutes.

Attractiveness and Beauty

Umang island has beautiful natural scenery with white sand and clear blue sea water. The waves are relatively small so it is safe and convenient for day trips with the family.

In addition, the coral reefs around the island beautiful Umang and still very natural. You can enjoy the natural beauty and close up the wonderful nature with underwater camera.

Beautiful sun set is another attraction on the island. You can menimatinya from a gazebo which is widely available around the beach.


You can perform many activities on the island of Crab. If you have a hobby of fishing, you can do it because there are many different types of fish around the island Umang. Swim and play with the waves on the beach is another activity that you can do. You can also do activities such as adrenaline rides a jetski or banana boating. If you feel tired, you can sit on top of the white sand while enjoying a beautiful sunset on the island of Crab.

In addition to the activities on the beach, you can also stroll around the 5 acres of the island. You can enjoy the beauty of nature as well as panorama and browse a variety of flora and fauna found on the island of Crab.


Umang island has a fairly adequate facilities. If you want to stay overnight at UmangIsland, there are a number of resorts and lodging cottages overlooking the sea. Resort-resort on the island of Crab is equipped with full amenities such as satellite TV and modern, beach club, drug store, lounge and spa. You can also camp there on the island due to the camping ground which is quite spacious and secure.

If you are travelling with your family, there is also a children's playground where you can play and have fun with your child. In addition, there is also a kids pool, a swimming pool is provided specifically for children.

If you want to bring home a gift for friends or relatives at home, there are several typical souvenir shop Umang Island. The souvenir shops selling a range of souvenirs, such as display shells, made from a variety of key chains, and t-shirts bearing the Umang Island.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Trip to Mount Tangkuban Perahu ( Crater Tourist Spot )

Bandung is not only about fashion and food, there are other interesting things from this city. If you are tired of the urban atmosphere of Bandung, so try to enjoy its natural attractions. You can come to one of the most crowded tourist attractions visited in Bandung, Mount Tangkuban Perahu.

Mount Tangkuban Perahu is an active volcano in North Bandung, precisely in Cikole, Lembang, or about 20 miles from the center of Bandung city. The mountain's last eruption was recorded in 2013, but even so, it is still a relatively safe place to visit.

Some active signs of this mountain is the existence of sulfur gas and also the source of hot water that flows at the foot of the mountain, for example in Ciater. If you pay a visit to mountain, You are advised to bring a mask covering mouth to avoid the smell of sulfur gas that is sharp.

Mount Tangkuban Perahu have an elevation of 2,084 above sea level or about 6.873 feet. The temperature in the mountains is 17 degrees Celsius during the day and can reach 2 degrees Celsius at night. Because of the cold weather, in when visiting these sights do not forget to bring Your sweaters and jackets.

Unlike other volcanoes Tangkuban Perahu mountain peaks, it is shaped like an elongated and the boat overturned. On the slopes of the mountain there is a smorgasbord of tea plantations that make you want to linger to enjoy its beauty.

The sights of this one also often served as the location for the shoot photo prewedding, commercial advertising and is also shooting for the film.

If you are not satisfied to enjoy the beauty of Mount Tangkuban Perahu in one day, you can also spend the night and continued the next day. Around this mountain there are many hotels that you can use to stay, ranging from affordable to wear expensive hotel with the best quality of service.

The legend of Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi

Like most volcanoes in Indonesia which has folklore handed down from generation to generation, mount Tangkuban Perahu also have a story that is believed to be the origin of the formation of this mountain. The story of Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi would have no foreign to most people.

Told in the days of yore, the life of a beautiful woman beautiful woman named Dayang Sumbi. Beauty Dayang Sumbi was known by many people. Dayang Sumbi live both with his son named Sangkuriang in a forest wilderness. Dayang Sumbi was very fond of Sangkuriang and they live happily with his dog, si Tumang, which is actually the father of Sangkuriang.

One day, Sangkuriang makes a mistake. Sangkuriang went hunting deer with the Tumang. Until the afternoon of the day, Sangkuriang didn't get a deer any time. Sangkuriang was afraid of upsetting his mother. Finally, he decided to kill the Tumang and bring his body back home.

At home, cooking the meat as soon as Dayang Sumbi brought her son home. After the meal, then she realized the nonexistence of the Tumang. Sangkuriang finally admitted that the meat they eat is the Tumang. Dayang Sumbi unusually upset at Sangkuriang. He threw a rock through her son's head and throw her out on the go.

Dayang Sumbi later regret having expelled the favourite son. Then she prayed to make given the longevity and youthful to be able to meet with her again. After a few years, the two met again. Dayang Sumbi was younger and more beautiful, while Sangkuriang had grown up and handsome. Long story short, they both fall in love.

One day, Sangkuriang says wants to marry Dayang Sumbi. At the same time, she saw the scars on the head of Sangkuriang and realizes that he is his son who has been long gone. Dayang Sumbi then figure out a way so that they cannot be married.

After asking directions, Dayang Sumbi asked Sangkuriang on terms later. The young man should be able to make the Lake and the boat overnight so that the next day they can get around both Lakes.

By morning, the Lake and the boat made of Sangkuriang was almost finished, Dayang Sumbi was worried and pray that the Sun soon rises. His prayer answered, Sunrise and yet managed to finish his boat Sangkuriang. Enraged, Sangkuriang was kicked off the boat into the middle of the semi-finished Lake. The boat landed in position upside down. The boat is then referred to as Mount Tangkuban Perahu.

If viewed from a distance, Mount Tangkuban Perahu is shaped similar to a boat that capsized.

Three Craters

The explosion occurred causing the emergence of these features around this mountain. From some of them owned, there are three of the most famous crater of Mount Tangkuban Perahu, among others: Craters, the crater Upas Domas, and craters of the Queen.

The Crater Queen

The crater is the largest crater of the Queen's third most famous crater of Mount Tangkuban Perahu. To get to it, you can use a private car or a rental car at a location that will take you up to the crater of the Queen. The road to the crater is not difficult, so many tourists coming.

The crater can be viewed Queen from higher terrain with fences from wood for the safety of tourists. Beautiful views you can see here. The ground around the crater is generally white with a yellowish colored stones because the content of sulfur. In addition, you could see the smoke billowing from the crater.

Around the site there are many small shops selling a range of souvenirs like hats, scarves, gloves, masks and also a variety of crafts from wood. Not only souvenirs, there are also food stalls selling boiled noodles and hot tea or grilled sticky rice which is a typical food of the Valley.

To get around, in addition to the walk, you can also go horseback riding.

The Crater Upas

Upas crater Crater next to the Queen. To achieve it, you must go through the road is steep and Sandy. Perhaps this makes the number of tourists visiting here less when compared to the crater of the Queen. In addition, Upas Crater is also smaller and more shallow.

The Crater Domas

The crater is located on the Plains that Domas is lower than the Queen's Crater. Unlike in Queens that Crater is only allowed to see from a distance and is limited to a wooden fence, in the crater of the amulet, you can take a closer look. In fact you can also perform testing of heat of the crater by boiling the eggs here. Interesting isn't it?

If you would like to visit the crater Domas on the four o'clock in the afternoon, then you should hire a guide for reasons of safety.

In addition to these three craters, there is another interesting Mount Tangkuban Perahu, namely Tree Manarasa. Many of the trees growing around these sights have red leaves and if it feels similar to the edible leaves of the guava. According to local people, the leaves of this tree can treat diarrhea. Uniquely, they also believe that the leaves can also create ageless. Dayang Sumbi ate the leaves always believed that he stay beautiful and youthful.

Location Of Mount Tangkuban Perahu

Mount Tangkuban Perahu in West Java, Cikole, precisely in Lembang, Bandung Utara.

Transportation to Mt. Tangkuban Perahu
One of the interesting thing from the mountain of Tangkuban Perahu is allowed incoming vehicles and ride up to the crater and the availability of ample parking for your vehicle. This is not a lot going on other mountains in Indonesia are becoming tourist attractions.

If using personal vehicle, there are two routes you can select:

The Pasteur toll gate exit to Jalan Dr. Djunjunan – Pasirkaliki – Sukajadi – Descent – Valley – Mount Tangkuban Perahu.
Out the door towards the direction of Cimahi Surabaya toll – turn left in the direction of the road until the t-junction – Colonel Masturi Highway, turn left – the Valley of Mount Tangkuban Perahu.

Whereas if you're using public transportation, the following routes you can select:
From the Terminal Long Leuwi (Bandung) – take a bus heading for Bandung-Indramayu – get off at the junction gate of Mount Tangkuban Perahu.
From the station Hall (Bandung) – ride the minibus heading for the station Hall-Lembang – down at the crossroad (Lembang – Maribaya – Tangkuban Perahu) – ride the minibus heading Cikole – Lembang-down on the edge of the crater of Tangkuban Perahu.

The price of admission

To be able to enter the area of this nature, you have to pay the entrance ticket.

Domestic tourists:

Admission: Rp 13.000
Motorcycle parking: Rp 5.000
Car parking: Rp 10.000
Bus parking: Rp 20,000

Foreign tourists:

Admission: Rp 50.000
Motorcycle parking: Rp 7.000
Car parking: Rp 15.000
Bus parking: Rp 25.000

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pandawa Beach in Bali

Pandawa beach is a place that is right for You is less fond of the crowds during the holidays. Attractions in Bali is relatively new and still not as many as the beach of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak Beach.

Tourism was once referred to by the name of Secret Beach due to its location behind a high limestone cliff, so not many people are aware of its existence. Now, local governments have opened up access to make their way along a 1.5 km split limestone cliff.

This tourist place names derived from the presence of five statues of the Pandawa, a legend in Hinduism, which overlooks the beach. In the limestone Cliff made holes for placing fifth statue of Pandawa, yudhisthira, consisting of Bhima, Arjuna and the twins Nakula-Sahadeva.

Tourist attractions are also called Beach Kutuh has a beauty that is not less than other beaches in Bali. The white sand and turquoise water make anyone happy to linger to enjoy it by sitting on a row of chairs on the beach.

If the Kuta Beach is known for its views of the setting sun, the beaches of this East-facing Sunrise views are unreliable. Not rarely, from here you can see tourists doing paragliding from Timbis Hill, flew past on the beach.

Each year, the Pandawa made Beach locations for the Malesti ceremony is a ceremony in commemoration of the feast of the wedding. The ceremony aims to cleanse the self Malesti of every mistake and bad deeds done in the past. In addition, in the area of the beach there is also seaweed aquaculture activities conducted by local fishermen.

To be able to enjoy all the beauty of this beach, you only need to pay a 2,000 Rupiah to 5,000 Rupiah and INDONESIAN CITIZEN to a FOREIGN NATIONAL. Cheap as hell, isn't it?

What can be done on the beaches of the Pandawa?

Here are some interesting things you can do on the beaches of Pandawa:

Hunting photos

The beauty of the coast of Pandawa makes anyone want to mengabadikannya in a photo frame. The white sand and blue water contrasting views and kehijauannya to be beautiful. If you want to take a photo with a different angle, try to rise to the top of the cliffs and snap pictures of these sights.

Because of its beauty, the beaches of Pandawa also often served as a location for filming and prawedding photos for commercial purposes such as advertising and also movies.

Sunbathing and massaged

This is available at the beach recliner equipped umbrellas you can rent sunbeds. Prepare your reading material, a quiet beach atmosphere is perfect if you enjoy your favorite book while reading. While sunbathing and reading, you can also call the masseur who travelled around the coast.


Waves on the coast of the Pandawa is ideal for surfing. According to local people, exposure to the presence of these beaches also could not be separated from the few tourists who often bring surf boards before walking towards the beach. Many are curious why they passed the cliff carrying surfboards. That's when the existence of this beach is known to many people until now.


If not satisfied to enjoy the beauty of this beach from the top of white sand, you can sail to the sea. A rowboat are available for rent at a price of 15,000 Dollars for your use along the crystal clear water of the sea here. Don't forget to rent the dress pelampungnya also with the price of 10,000 Dollars for the sake of Your safety and security.

Study of cultivating seaweed

Late afternoon, many of the fishermen who come picking up seaweed that is stranded because of washed away by the waves. In the area of the beach is indeed there is seaweed cultivation by local fishermen. In addition to taking the dead seaweed and are carried by the waves to the shore, the fishermen also did the cultivation of seaweed to keep sustainability of nature on the coast of the Pandawa.

If in Kuta Beach you can join in the activities of the release of dive into the sea, here you can join in the effort of planting seaweed with the fishermen. Even though it was on vacation, but efforts to keep the environment certainly still required, Yes.

Food and souvenir hunting

Although relatively new tourist attractions, but its facilities on the beach complete enough of the Pandawa. Here, there is a row of food stalls and kiosks selling various souvenirs typical of the coast.

Don't forget to sample a variety of processed sea food that can satisfy your tongue and your stomach. For the gift shop, you can buy it in the gift kiosk around the beach. Various trinkets and accessories you can find here, starting from the key chain of shells, sand beach decorated photo frame until the bracelet and necklace with carved wooden Balinese.

Transportation and accommodation

The beach is located in the village of Pandawa Kutuh, district South of lice, Badung. This tourist spot is about 18 km from Ngurah Rai International Airport, but unfortunately there is no public transportation that pass through this location. The most practical way is to use private transportation, taxi or by hiring a car/motorcycle.

For accommodations, the nearest lodging is in the area of Nusa Dua which is about 3 km from the place of this tour.

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Malioboro Street in Yogyakarta

When was the last time you to Yogyakarta? Yogyakarta became a city able to make tourists miss him and always want to linger in this Gudeg city atmosphere. The town still offers the wisdom of local culture in the middle ages that modern all-round. In Yogyakarta, you will get an exciting experience explore the Javanese culture that is still maintained until now.

Many interesting sights of the city owned the Sultan, one of which is a very popular course Malioboro Street. The road along the 2.5 km which stretches from Tugu to the Yogyakarta post office was never lonely travelers each day. Jalan Malioboro is located near the Royal Palace and called one of the imaginary line that connects the dots between Parangtritis, Yogyakarta Palace and Mount Merapi.

Who would have thought if this is merely the way streets were deserted with a lot of acid in the edges. Malioboro Street were only passed by the citizens who want to go to the Palace, Fort Vredeburg or to market Beringhardjo.

Origin of the name Malioboro also has two versions. First, the name is taken from the Sanskrit, meaning ' wreath '. This is because all the way first met by wreath each time the Palace hosts a celebration or event. The second version says that the name of the street is taken from the United Kingdom, Duke of Marlborough, who lives in Yogyakarta between the years 1881-1816.

Regardless of where the name originated, Malioboro Street in Yogyakarta most popular this has always managed to attract the attention of tourists coming to the city. Malioboro Street into a sort of Gift Centre typical of Yogyakarta. Along the way, you can find a range of typical souvenirs ranging from t-shirts, batik, blangkon, slippers, hand crafted to our pin and put a typical hawker Yogyakarta.

For culinary, tourism in place, there is a row of street vendors who offer simple but scrumptious dishes. Don't forget to sample the warm rice has become a culinary must try in Yogyakarta. For a drink, enjoy a sense of offering es dawet legit brown sugar flavor is thick and savory coconut milk. While enjoying your meal, a group of street musicians would come in successive by singing the songs that made you fall in love in Yogyakarta.

Along the way there are rows of pedicabs and a faithful horse waited for customers. It's time You wander around Jalan Malioboro and jogjakarta mode of transportation. Pedicabs offer packages around the sights around with affordability. A horse can also make the choice if You want to feel a unique experience around Yogyakarta.

During his time in Jalan Malioboro, you are almost always able to listen to the strains of a Javanese gamelan played from tape or played directly by the artist the streets of Yogyakarta. Not only during the day, these sights were crowded in the evenings. The sitting culture and angkringan has always existed in this beautiful city.

Until now, the Malioboro Street is still an important part of the Palace. This road has always been the location of the procession every time the Royal family held a certain events and celebrations.

Trip to Lake Singkarak ( Tour de Singkarak )

Lake of crystal clear water, sampan fishermen scattered on the surface of the Lake in search of fish, plus the Green scenery around the Lake. Yes, this is the kind of view that you would find in Lake Singkarak, West Sumatra. This Lake is about 70 miles from Padang, capital of West Sumatra.

Sprawling Lake Singkarak and administratively into two districts in West Sumatra, namely Solok and Tanah Datar. With an area of approximately 1,000 hectares, the Lake became the second widest in the plains of Sumatra after Lake Toba. The Lake with a depth of 268 meters and 363,5 meters of altitude above sea level is included in a kind of tectonic lakes because the predicted shift of the Earth's plates since formed.

Despite the widespread, but not as many kinds of fish living in the waters of Lake Singkarak. There are only 19 species of fish are recorded live in the Lake. This is possible due to the limited number of plankton that became fish food in General. Plankton is difficult to live here because of the level of depth that makes the Lake sunlight can not penetrate the bottom of the Lake.

Because of its beauty, the Lake Singkarak became a bustling tourist spot datu visited local people and also from out of town. The beauty of these sights were first widely recognized in 1905 through the journal of biology belongs to Ernst Haeckel, a researcher from Germany. Not only examine the ecosystem surrounding Lake Singkarak, Haeckel also was amazed at the beauty of the Lake, making it encapsulates the beauty of Lake Singkarak in a painting.

There are many activities that you can do to enjoy Lake Singkarak. You can swim in the crystal clear waters of its lagoon, boarded the sampan around the Lake, fishing on the shores of the lake or take a fisherman caught the fish. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture the beauty of these sights. Lake area with a green backdrop of the Bukit Barisan away too bad to miss. will form because the shifting plates of the Earth.

Despite the widespread, but not as many kinds of fish living in the waters of Lake Singkarak. There are only 19 species of fish are recorded live in the Lake. This is possible due to the limited number of plankton that became fish food in General. Plankton is difficult to live here because of the level of depth that makes the Lake sunlight can not penetrate the bottom of the Lake.

In addition to these activities, you can also do a culinary tour in the stalls that exist around these sights. If eating at the stall less satisfying, try fishing or catching fish and burn it at the edge of the Lake with friends. This could be a pleasant experience.

What draws from Lake Singkarak?

As the pride of the citizens of West Sumatra Lake and nature tourism the mainstay, Lake singkarak has some unique things that are interesting for you to know, including:

Tour de Singkarak

Lake Singkarak become part of Tour de Singkarak, an event of international level bicycle race which is regularly held every year. Tour de Singkarak is supported by the Ministry of tourism and the Creative Economy and the Amaury Sport Organisation, the organizers of similar events in France, the Tour de France.

Tour de Singkarak first held in 2009. Furthermore, the time of its taking place during the week between April-June with a seven-stage that must be passed by the participants. Tour de Singkarak is not just simply a race bicycle racing on the highway, but also the introduction of culture and natural beauty of West Sumatra. Along the route to be traveled, participants will be treated to a view of cultural diversity and natural beauty of the Minangkabau of West Sumatra.

Initially, Tour de Singkarak starts from the starting line in Padang city and ended near Lake Singkarak. Then starting in 2012, the starting line starts from Sawahlunto, a historic old town in West Sumatra and ends in the city of Padang. Despite no longer being the location of the finish line, but Lake Singkarak still remain part of Tour de Singkarak Lake Maninjau and along with some other interesting tourist attractions.

Fish bilih

Recorded about 19 species of fish living in the waters of Lake Singkarak in this time. One of these types of fish are fish bilih (Mystacoleucus padangensis). Fish bilih to be special because it can only live in this Lake only. Many have tried but we are expanding this fish out of Lake Singkarak, but always failed because the bilih fish always die.

Fish bilih is normally the maximum length is too small, only about 10 cm long with a shimmering silver-colored scales. Of the 19 species of fish bilih fish that exists, this is what the number is estimated to be at most in the waters of the Lake. Fish bilih a source of economy around. Fishermen catch and sell it to the stalls. This is the most delicious fish if fried and dicocol sauce.

In addition to the sale at the stalls, fried bilih dry fish are also available on-site sales of gift shop about these sights. The fish is packed in the plastic range of sizes and you can make the gift shop of typical Lake Singkarak.

Long Lake Singkarak is increased from time to time

Because it belongs to the category of tectonic Lake Singkarak Lake size, can still be changed following the shifting of the Earth's plates. According to the results of research experts, long Lake was originally just 3 miles away, later increased to 8 km, 13 km, and is now about 23 km Long Lake. it is estimated that it will still continue to grow.

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