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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Kuta Beach Bali, from Romanticism to Surf

Kuta Beach Bali is one of Bali's popular tourist icon. Its popularity has been known in various communities abroad and give a predicate beigtu well against Indonesia Tourism true charm. This beach is located in the Town of Kuta, just a short distance from the provincial capital of Denpasar, the Bali.

Since tens of years ago, this beach has become one of the main tourist destinations of tourists mancanegar a holiday in Indonesia. Not only famous for its pure white sand, the beach Kuta Bali is also famous for its enchanting sunsets (sunse) and waves suitable for surfing.

In the past, Kuta Beach is a port of trade. Traders from outside Bali comes to the beach to carry out trade transactions. Kuta Beach is also the habitat of the green turtles since hundreds of years ago. As time went on, the number of animals it dwindled to nearly extinct. Currently, green turtles are no longer found on the Kuta Beach. These animals have been conserved in Tanjung Benoa Beach and into the protected animals.

Before the 1970s, Kuta Beach is a fishing village with typical wavy beautiful beaches. At that time, there is only one hotel in the beach area, namely Kuta Beach Hotel. But what happens after 10 years later? Kuta Beach Bali is best known in international circles as one of the beach with the waves and the most beautiful sunset in the world.

As one of Bali's famous tourist attractions, the tourist area of Kuta Beach Bali infrastrukur have the support and excellent facilities. Along Kuta-Legian, You can find a variety of shops, restaurants, pubs and hotels. Rides rides supporters were present in order to improve the tourist experience of fun in this coastal area.

This is the reason why the tourist area of Kuta Beach are so crowded with the noise of the great little tour that is so thick. This is of course contrary to what you might find on the Beach the Pandavas Bali, a beach that offers tranquillity in the feel of an exotic beach. If you really want to feel peace in Bali, try visiting the attractions of Ubud Bali.

Every year, on the coast of Bali, this one also held events called Kuta Carnival. This is one of the most sought after event travelers. Often, those filled with Carnival Kuta events, such as the food festival, cultural fashion, to the carnival paradise. In addition, the coastal area is also often used as one of the filming locations for the TV series impressions.

Address: JL. Pantai Kuta Raya No. 1 Kuta, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali
Location map: click here
GPS coordinates:-8.719219, 115.168686

Interesting stuff on the beach Kuta Bali

As one of the main tourist destinations in Bali, Kuta Beach offers You a variety of exciting activities, from just down the beach, sunbathe, swim, to feel the traditional Balinese massage by local communities. The following are a number of interesting things you can find on Kuta Beach Bali.

1. enjoy the Sunset

This is the privilege of Kuta Beach are hardly ever missed by tourists, the charm of the Sun terbenamn (sunset) restaurant. Since the beginning of the name Kuta Beach is known to many domestic travel connoisseur circles to foreign countries, the beauty of the sunset at Kuta Beach is the most highly anticipated moments. No wonder along the shoreline will be filled with bustling tourists when dusk arrived.

2 Surf.

Kuta Beach Bali also has ocean waves just for surfing. On the beach it was administered international surfing festival. You can watch the surfers skill snaking above the waves along this beach. In General, these surfers have been skillfully through the waves sea surf board. However, it doesn't mean you can't try it. The waves at the beach of Kuta including surfer friendly for the beginner class.

Want to learn to surf? Don't worry, there are plenty of services that will teach you to be able to surf at the beach. The instructor will teach how to surf with oceanfront simulation before entering the water. You will also be taught to know currents and waves. Some of the famous surfing courses, among them the Surfer Girl Surf School, Rip Curl Surf School, and Odysseys.

3. Swim

Swimming at Kuta Beach is one of the popular activities done many tourists. However, the need to keep functioning hatian when swimming in the beach is given the undercurrent of Kuta Beach is strong. Usually there are a number of different color flags on the waterfront as a marker of whether the area is allowed to swim or not.

4. Laying under the Sun

Bored with just a stroll down the beach? Sunbathing on the beach of Kuta is one of the favored many tourists, especially foreign tourists. In addition to sunbathing on the sand, you can be lazy afternoons by the above malasan-chairs for rent to tourists on the beach. However, you should keep using sunscreen as the Sun.

5. Play kite

Play activities of the kite is one of the other fun thing, especially for those who come along with family at Kuta Beach Bali. Along the coast, there are many small shops selling Balinese kites in various sizes and shapes, such as Janggan (shape of birds), Handle (Fish shape), and Pecukan (leaf). Price kites also varies, depending on size and material.

6. Bali slingshot

Want to know what it was like being thrown into the air with a giant Slingshot? If you're curious, try Bali Kuta Beach rides on this one. With slingshot, your body will be leveled up in the air as far as 52 feet through a giant Slingshot and feel the sensation of falling from the height. The adrenaline was spurred in such kencangnya, brings a tremendous sensation. Of course, these facilities are designed so secure.

Hotels in Kuta Beach Bali

Along this coastal area, there is plenty of accommodation, ranging from budget class up to five-star hotels. You can choose a hotel in Kuta to enjoy a romantic dinner on the beach, complete with a variety of exciting entertainment that was there. Some hotels and resorts strategically located near Kuta Beach, including a variety of Beach Bungalows Kuta, Bali, Maharani, Harris Resort, Nature and Kulkul Boutique Resort.

You can search for a hotel or guesthouse online in order to ensure the availability of the rooms. One of the popular online booking is AGODA

Travel route to the beach Kuta Bali

Bali Kuta Beach is about 3 km from the international airport of I Gusti Ngurah Rai. If you reach the beaches of Denpasar, a coastal location is just 10 km to the West. In addition to using public transportation, you can rent a car to be able to arrive at Kuta Beach.

If you are using a bus to the beach, you are required to come down in Central Park, and continued with the shuttle ride to the beach. If you bring the motor vehicle, one thing to consider is the limited parking area in the Kuta Beach Bali. On certain occasions, such as new year and holiday season, the local government closed the access of motor vehicles to avoid congestion in the area of Kuta Beach.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Situ Patenggang, Wonderful Lake in Ciwidey Bandung

Situ Patenggang Ciwidey, also popular as Situ Patengan is a lake located in the tourist area of Ciwidey, Bandung. Is about 47 km from the city of Bandung, you can arrive in Situ Patenggang tourist area with travel time about 45 minutes to 1 hour. From a number of attractions in Bandung, natural charm Situ Patenggang is one of the popular destinations visited by tourists.

Situ Patenggang lies at the elevation reaches 1600 meters above sea level, offering You panoramic views of exotic nature. As far as the eye can see the horizon ahead, a green expanse of tea garden looks like a carpet of nature that unfolds beautifully. Breezy cool air along with the warmth of the Sun Mountain touches the skin also adds to its charm. At first, the Lake (there) is a nature reserve, but since 1981 the Lake covering an area of 45,000 acre this officially opened a children's nature tourism.

Derived from the Sundanese language, the word "there" means Lake and patengan means "looking at each other. Once upon a time, there were a pair of men who love each other, i.e. the goddess Ki Santang and Dewi Rengganis. However, the two were separated for a long time. Because a very deep sense of love, they were looking for each other and eventually a once-in-a-lifetime encounter at a place now known as the stone of love. The goddess then asked Dewi Rengganis created a lake and a boat so they can both sail together. This is met by her lover.

Stories of the local people call the boat currently is the island of romance or also known as the Sasaka heart-shaped Island. It is believed, a pair of lovers who visit the love stone and around the island of romance will get the true love and eternal as found on the goddess Ki Santang and Dewi Rengganis.

For admission to the tourist area of Situ Patenggang Ciwidey, you have to pay the entrance ticket to the Situ Patenggang Rp 15 thousand per person. This does not include the cost of parking the vehicle. If you take your motorcycle, the parking fee is Rp 3,500 and Rp 11 thousand for car vehicles to Rp 22 thousand for bus.

Conditions of tourism infrastructure is already ordered Situ Patenggang in such good, from a variety of public facilities to access roads and sufficient accommodation. You can find a spacious parking area, restaurant, gazebo, small mosque, lodging, rental boats, water bikes, souvenirs, fruit store, until a public toilet. For those of you who carry food or culinary, traditional armed himself when it comes to this place, you can rent a mat as a place to dine while enjoying the beautiful panorama in Situ Patenggang the Ciwidey village.

Interesting Side Situ Patenggang Ciwidey

There are many exciting activities you can do in Situ Patenggang. Starting from the cycling of water, surrounding the Lake with swans, fishing boat, visiting the Stone of love, Romance, walking around the island around the tea garden, or just have a picnic on the edge of the Lake. This is the reason why sights Ciwidey preferred this one as one of the family's favorite tourist destinations in Bandung.

One of the places for romance in Ciwidey, Bandung is also a holiday destination that interests you that is on its way with the beloved spouse. The most popular ways that lovers do is visit the love stone and surrounds the island of romance. Although only depart from a local myth, however this is an interesting activity to go through time with the couple in Situ Patengan.

To be able to surround the island of romance, you must rent a boat. The island is located in the central part of the Lake and lush look with overgrown lots of trees. In the meantime, the love stone is on the opposite side of the Lake that was believed to be the location of the meeting the goddess of Dewi Rengganis and Ki Santang.

There are many boats which are provided to visitors each day. Conditions the boat is quite well preserved and safely used as surrounds Situ Patenggang Ciwidey village. If you want other water facilities, there are also boat, rowboat, and water bikes. Each of these watercraft are offered with the rental rates which of course you can negotiate with the providers.

Many families or groups who spend leisure in Situ Patenggang this tourist area by way of a picnic on the shores of Lake. You can use the facilities of the gazebo or any number of seats available in the cement there. Rent the mat is also the most often performed of tourists to relax along with his associates. Rents mats can be redeemed at a cost of $ 10 thousand.

If you want a hot bath, you can go to the pool of the location is not far Ciwidey thence Patenggang this. One of the popular hot spring is Walini Ciwidey village.

Hotels in Situ Patenggang Ciwidey area

There are plenty of lodging in the tourist area of Ciwidey, ranging from hotels, resorts, and a variety of guest house and villa. Some lodging near There Patenggang and is quite popular among them are White Crater Resort, Patuha Sawung Gawir Restaurant and Bungalow Ciwidey, Villa Kampung Karuhun Sutan King, to Dream Hotel – d'Riam Riverside Resort Ciwidey village.

To get it, maybe you should do a booking in advance to get the empty rooms, especially in the holiday season. You can contact the Manager there or looking for a hotel in Situ Patenggang online. One of the online booking popular among connoisseurs travel is AGODA.

The route travels to the Situ Patenggang Ciwidey

Travel to Situ Patenggang, locations in Ciwidey, Bandung relatively easily. Condition of the streets so well with asphalt surface is flat. If you would like to go Situ Patenggang from Jakarta , you can drive my car through toll Kopo. Sekeluarnya toll from Kopo, you can follow the directions towards Soreang and Ciwidey, until arriving in Situ Patenggang.

For those of you who use public transportation to Situ Patenggang in Bandung, from you can take a minibus to Ciwidey village. Once in the terminal, take an angkot Ciwidey village will take you to Situ Patenggang.

One interesting thing, all the way to the tourist area of Situ Patenggang Ciwidey , you'll find a stretch of picturesque green tea gardens and forests. Strawberry plantations are visible, you can stop there because it is open to the public. You can even pick fruit strawberries straight from the tree that was planted in small plastic bags.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Red Island Beach in Banyuwangi

Red Island beach in Banyuwangi may sound familiar in the ears of most domestic tourists. His popularity may not be famous like the wretched Stone tourist areas or White Crater tours Ciwidey, Bandung. However, one of the beaches is unique in Banyuwangi is so popular among the community of East Java. Also, is one of the preferred destinations for foreign tourists especially sport lovers surfing (surfing).

Red Island Beach, locals often refer to it as Pulo Merah, located in Subdistricts Pesanggaran, Banyuwangi. Although called "Red Island", one of the attractions in these Countries have indeed white sand is somewhat browned. But when the dry season comes, the coastal area it will look reddish.

Red Island Beach Banyuwangi has its uniqueness on a small hill just off shore. Against the backdrop of a ridge 200 yards and this is what causes the reddish-colored beach is known as the Red Island Beach. This Hill is surrounded by the green plants that are able to cover the color red. You can climb the Hill on when sea water is receding. In addition, there are coral rocks around this small hill.

Red Island Beach Address: Great Source Of Village, Sub-district Pesanggaran, Banyuwangi, East Java
Location map: click here
GPS coordinates:-8.596576, 114.027416

Red Island Beach tourist areas currently managed by Perhutani II East Java. Located in the village of Great Resources, district Pesanggaran, around the beach there is a Hindu place of worship in Mekiyis rituals and customs.

The existence of these beaches also could not escape the mystical stories and myths around it. Red Island beach it is believed by some people to have deposits of gold. There is also which relates that there was a spike of Earth that can be found in the mountain that is located across the street from the beach.

The other myth is a story that anyone can enter a cave in Red Island, will gain sustenance in abundance. There is also which relates that there was a red glow that is causing this red beach so that eventually was named Red Island Beach.

This coastal area is also being supported with good facilities, including umbrella and sun loungers for rent by the Manager. There are a number of hotels and accommodation facilities in the coastal area of Banyuwangi on this one. Red Island beach is in line with the beaches of Plengkung. You can relax on the beach while enjoying the coastal breeze and watching the beautiful panoramanya. With a long coastline of up to 3 km coral rocks on the beach, this adds an exotic addition to pikatnya power bebukitan green that looks beautiful.

At noon, you can see the beauty of sunset (sunset) on the coast of the island of red. Sunset on the beach of this charm is beautiful. The area around the beach is clean with a smooth sand texture. This is because, some among the travel connoisseur considers the Red Island Beach as a wonderful combination of Kuta Beach, Legian, and Seminyak in Bali.

Exciting activities at Red Island Beach

Red Island beach in Banyuwangi is one that is well known in East Java. This beach as one of the preferred tourist destinations interesting family, is also a favorite place to enjoy the sunset and winds typical of the coast, take pictures, play sand, Sun, and so on. For admission to a coastal location, you must pay the cost of the entrance ticket to the Red Island Beach is Rp 2,500 per person.

Many foreign tourists and no less well among domestic Red Island beaches for surfing purposes. Waves on the Red Island Beach is touted as one of the best in East Java and Indonesia making it suitable for surfing. Several international surfing event ever held in this beach.

High sea waves can be seen on medio April-May and September-December. You can learn how to surf on the beaches of the island with an elevation of Red waves that range from 2 to 5 ft.

Hotel in Red Island Beach 

As one of the popular tourist area in Banyuwangi, you can easily find a number of hotels near the coast of the island of red. In addition to the hotel, there is also a guest house and homestay which you can choose. Some lodging at Red Island beach area which is near and popular, among them the Kumala Hotel, Heats Banyuwangi Athlete Guest House, Hotel Crown Plengkung Banyuwangi, as well as Hotels Ketapang is beautiful.

Maybe you should do a booking in advance to get the empty rooms, especially in the holiday season. You can contact the hotel there or looking for a hotel near the coast of this red Island online. One of the online booking popular among connoisseurs travel is AGODA.

The route travels to the Island Beach Red

If you are in the city of Banyuwangi, the route will traverse a distance of about 80 km by private or public transport, spent about 2.5 hours to reach this beach. Along the way, there are signs the pointer will point you towards the tourist beaches of this red Island. The mileage is about 2.5 hours from the town of Banyuwangi. If you use public transport, take the vehicle in Pesanggaran. Arriving at the market, continue with Pesanggaran ojek towards coastal location.

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