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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Niagara Falls Indonesian Version

1. Curug Malela

High waterfall is approximately 60 to 70 meters with a width of 50 meters. Turns Curug Malela is a collection of seven waterfalls that exist in that area and where there is at the very top level. The region has seven levels of towering waterfalls as far as one kilometer. The order is Curug malela, curug katumiri, Curug Manglid, Curug Ngeubul, Curug Sumpel, Curug Palisir, dan Curug Pamengpeuk.

Curious traveler who wants to come there could be a route of Bandung using an alternative pathway to Cimahi. Next to Cililin and further to Sendang Kereta. From Sendang Kereta continue the journey to the tea plantations Montajaya. from there a traveler can leave the vehicle and proceed to the waterfall on foot.

2. Waterfall Temam

The waterfall is located in the village Temam Rahma, District of South Lubuklinggau 1, Lubuklinggau, South Sumatra. Probably not many people know about the existence of this waterfall, but the beauty of nature that served so fresh and fascinating. Anyone that there will be at home made.

Temam waterfall has a height of 12 meters with a width of 20 meters. Elongated shape so that the water that falls from the cliff formed like a curtain that makes it very similar to the Niagara Falls. Plus the four-meter-deep natural pool under the waterfall growing steadily for swimming.

Tips before visited this waterfall is preparing stamina, because it must pass 98 steps. But do not worry, the beauty of the waterfall can directly remove the tired traveler for passing the stairs earlier.

3. Waterfall Moramo

Have landscapes like Curug Malela which consists of seven levels, Waterfall Moramo in Suaka Alam Tanjung Peropa, Moramo, Sulawesi Tenggara,  is a multilevel waterfall (cascade) which is beautiful with a height of about 100 meters.

From these heights, the water flows through the seven main levels. In addition to the seven main levels, there are also 60 small levels that also functions as a reservoir of water (a kind of pond water). Of the many pools, the only one that can be used for swimming, the pool located at the second level of the seven levels of the main waterfall

You have to walk as far as two kilometers from where the vehicle in the parking lot. Uniquely, this waterfall has a myth that is quite popular among the residents of Southeast Sulawesi, where it is said this is where the nymphs bathing. If you want to visit this waterfall you can do a 1.5 hour drive from Kendari by private car or rental car.

4. Curug Sewu

The last waterfall like Niagara Falls is Waterfall Sewu or more popularly called Curug Sewu. Waterfall Curugsewu has a distinctive and unique compared to other waterfall, with a total height of 70 meters consisting of 3 waterfall, each of which has a height of 45 meters, 15 meters and 20 meters. Curug Sewu traveler can encounter in the village Curugsewu, District Patean, Kendal regency, Central Java. Different from other waterfalls in this list, in this area there are substations of view that allows a traveler to see the waterfall from the top.

Curug Sewu region is also equipped with a playground, zoo and swimming pools. You could say these tourist areas have been managed well. Access was fairly easy because most trusted traveler can use a private vehicle or public transportation to get to the location. The route from Semarang, you can go to Sukorejo then proceed to the attraction Curug Sewu.


Saturday, May 30, 2015

World's Shortest River in Indonesia

Africa's Nile River is the longest river in the world. The river runs along 6650 kilometers. If the Nile became the longest river in the world, which then streams the shortest river in the world?

Apparently the answer can be found in the village Tamborasi, District Wolo, Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi Province. Tamborasi village flanked by mountains Tamborasi and biting in the Gulf of Bone, deserve when this village inspired the charming landscape.

Tamborasi river only extends along 20 meters, shorter than the Ombla in Croatia (30 meters) which was recorded as the shortest river version of Wikipedia. Also shorter than the River Roe in the United States (60 meters) as the shortest river in the world that is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

With a very short distance and has a width of about 15 meters, Tamborasi not look like a river, but more like a small lake. The flow of water is the one reinforce that this is indeed a river. River water Tamborasi clear green and quiet glance looks like a lake. However, this water is actually flowing so that it can be regarded as a river. Upstream the river is directly related to the sea.

Panorama Tamborasi more beautiful when the trees hedged. On the other hand, the river is directly adjacent to the sand and beach Tamborasi. Thus, if visiting here you have two options for swimming pools, the River Tamborasi or Tamborasi Beach.

Interestingly, the two springs have different temperatures. The river water is cold and warmer coastal waters. Sometimes the coral reefs was seen when the water receded coast. This natural baths, a family tourist destination, very crowded when the feast.

If you are lucky, endemic animals such as the woolly monkey gold and several species of sea birds will be found around the River Tamborasi.

There is a myth born in Tamborasi River. It is said that when visitors can tie a rope to the tree roots at the edge of the river, the locals believe that the match will come or relationship will be harmonious.

World's Largest Lotus Lake in Indonesia

Flores Island in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) is famous for its various lakes. There are three color lakes Flores in Ende, there is an active volcanic lake as the Lake Sano Nggoang. There is even a lake Ranamese included in the Nature Park (TWA) Ruteng is located on the roadside Transflores Borong-Ruteng.

Furthermore, there is a lake in the village Pota, District Sambirampas, East Manggarai district that is very different from the other lakes. The lake is Lake Rana Tonjong which is a lake lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) giant the second largest in the world after a similar lake in India.

In the dialect of East Manggarai, 'shutter' means lake and 'Tonjong' means lotus. The lake is already hundreds of years old. Around the lake there are rice fields belonging to the community Pota. In fact, this lotus flower can bloom depends on water coming into the lake.

This lake has an area of ​​2.5 hectares, which is always blooming in April-June every year. Even lotus seeds can be eaten by local people for curing various diseases. The protein content of lotus seed is very high. Residents around the lake is derived from Village residents Pota always take the fruit to be eaten even school children also eat fruit lotus.

The foreign and domestic tourists already know the month of blossoming lotus so that every year they visit Pota to see the uniqueness and beauty of the lotus second largest in the world. They usually come from Labuan Bajo or come from Maumere carried by guides on the island of Flores.

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Benign Snake Island

Thus Snake Island Bima People call it, because maybe the island is only inhabited by a bunch of benign snakes that does not bother residents. What is interesting is not actually because of the many snakes or absence of people who want to stay on the island which is approximately an area of 500 m2, but more because of the snakes is different from the general serpent in Bima Regions. These snakes are looking for food in the sea and resting on top of the island in between the cracks of rocks or hanging on the cliffs, then make the appeal of this island.

This island a habitat for a population of sea snakes with a unique color combination of black and white silver with glossy. This snake is a benign snake and friendly to tourists who visit it. Snake island can be reached with a travel time of about 45 minutes drive from the city of Bima using ground transportation.

The snakes at the Snake Island according to the locals is a type of sea snake. Anyone knows that sea snakes including highly poisonous snakes. Judging from its physical characteristics, the snake is shaped like a sea snake. flat tail like a fish's tail, white color silver and shiny black. When held not slippery at all as befits the snakes on the ground. Her skin was rough and finned like fish. Although wild life, they are very docile and friendly towards visitors. When held they did not bite or twisted.

Visited tourist attraction? Snake Island? you are also presented with the beauty of Bima sea. From Sangiang volcano, this island looked stood firm. The peak is always shrouded in mist.

In the legend, the island of snakes is the incarnation of the Portuguese ships were stranded in the waters of Wera. Snakes are the incarnation of the passengers and crew ship. While the two Cambodian tree that grows on both sides of the island is the incarnation of the Portuguese ship masts.

Although it is a legend, but the Snake Island is increasingly known to the world. Many local and foreign tourists who visit the island. Local government should immediately arrange this island, build roads, such facilities brugak-brugak in the seaside village of Pai for rent to visitors and would be a source of revenue for the Region, they are very docile and friendly towards visitors. When held they did not bite or twisted.


Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Jewel of Banyuwangi (Part 2)

Banyuwangi is rarely a destination for tourists because of the district in East Java is usually only be one place that bypassed the tourists who want to visit Bali passing lane and then crossed land in Ketapang port. Apparently, in the coastal city has a lot of tourist attractions that should not be to pass up. Banyuwangi travel looks like a jewel lying on the roadside; just passed unnoticed in value.

Read Part 1.

7. Plengkung Beach

Plengkung beach is natural offerings for those who love the sport of surfing. Fame waves were already well-known to foreign countries so that you will find some foreign tourists who were surfing. The trip to the beach Plengkung will pass Alas Purwo with teak crop rows. Shades of green trees make the air was cool and the mind becomes more relaxed.

8. Kalibendo Plantation

The plantation area in the western part of Banyuwangi, 20 km if taken from the city center. The location is on the plateau and has a typical tanaan such as coffee, rubber, and cloves. Here visitors can also play water in the rivers and waterfalls. When you get down to the river, you will also find a football field.

9. Tamansuruh Bath

This bath is in the village of Tell park and pretty close from the city center which is about 10 km westward. If you've arrived in the Glagah and hard to find this area, you can ask the local people who are friendly to the visitors. The water is still contaminated and the air of the mountains typical of the strengths of this tourist location.

10. Red Island

Red island in the southern part of Banyuwangi and you should take approximately 3 hours drive from the city center. Luckily for tourists who want to visit this tourist spot because of its easy access. Here there is a small island which, if observed much like hills with red soil. A pride for the citizens of Banyuwangi since the beach was once used as a place of international surfing competitions held in 2013.

11. Ijen Crater

The border between Situbondo and Banyuwangi, there is a crater of Ijen crater named. Each visitor must first make the climb to get to this area. This physical fatigue will pay off when you look around the crater which was gorgeous. Ijen crater became one of the places used local governments to promote Banyuwangi.

12. Mangrove Bedul

Other exotic tour in Banyuwangi is Mangrove Bedul, this region is listed in the Alas Purwo nasioanl Park area provides panoramic beauty of the mangrove forests in the lower reaches of the watershed Stail which naturally become brackish water marsh region known as Segara Anakan. The area is a natural, beautiful, and this silence has a length of 17 kilometers surrounded by a natural mangrove.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Jewel of Banyuwangi (Part 1)

Banyuwangi is rarely a destination for tourists because of the district in East Java is usually only be one place that bypassed the tourists who want to visit Bali passing lane and then crossed land in Ketapang port. Apparently, in the coastal city has a lot of tourist attractions that should not be to pass up. Banyuwangi travel looks like a jewel lying on the roadside; just passed unnoticed in value.

Banyuwangi contour area is very unique, ranging from lowland to high. This contour indirectly create many objects stunning natural attractions. The beach in this area is still very clean and far from pollution so it is suitable as a tourist destination for a family beach. Especially who want to downsize but still able to enjoy its beauty. Besides the beach, Banyuwangi also has a mountain backdrop for those who missed the calm and cool atmosphere. Here is a list of the most interesting sights in Banyuwangi along with photos / pictures, some of which have become favorite tourist spot pity not to visit:

1. Baluran National Park

Baluran nature reserves often also referred to as Baluran National Park. Located at 35 km north of Banyuwangi. This place is dedicated as a conservation area a variety of plants and animals. The uniqueness of this place is the prairie or savanna in it can be found a variety of wild animals. Travelers can enjoy the beauty of this nature reserve through the watchtowers. You can see the whole area and its conservation in the activity of the animals that live there.

2. Bama Beach

Bama beach is still included in the Nature Reserve Baluran. His condition is still very beautiful and no less exotic to the beaches in Bali. Here you can also see the mangroves. To relax with your family can enjoy a few spots open. The sea water is still crystal clear and not too deep, so kids can still play with the supervision of parents. Coral reefs with a variety of colors, you can see with the naked eye. You can also dive to the bottom to see more closely the existence of coral reefs. Access trip to the beach is relatively steep, so you are expected to wear comfortable footwear. During the journey, there are views of the tropical forests and wild birds that you can see

3. Watu Dodol 

Watu Dodol, the beach is so named because we can see many rocks scattered along the coast. Its location in the northern part Banyuwangi directly adjacent to Situbondo. The beach is there right next to the road so for tourists who happened to pass through the northern coast line could enjoy the beach breeze Watu Dodol. The specificity of the beach is marked by the statue Infatuated dancers and giant boulders. Watu Dodol has a unique spot that is. Freshwater springs that flow toward the coast.

4. Rajeg Mesi

Rajeg Mesi in the village Sarongan, Pesanggaran. Which is still a part of the National Park of Meru Betiri. If you are driving from the town of Banyuwangi, you must be prepared to travel far enough. You will not be bored during the trip because it would be accompanied by a stretch of green plantations. The beach is bordered by green hills. White sand beaches and crystal clear water that still proves that this beach is one of the must-see tourist destinations. Air at the beach is not as hot as coastal areas in general because it is situated adjacent to the mountain. The beach is declared safe for swimming activities because the waves are not too high.

5. Sukamade

One of the beaches with incomparable beauty in Banyuwangi is Sukamade beach with clean water and areas that are still preserved naturalness. Here you can observe turtle conservation became extinct. To reach this beach, you have to actually physically strong because of rugged terrain. Prepare the camera you have to capture the exotic beach scene.

6. Teluk Ijo

Gulf which has another nickname Teluk Ijo is still entered the area "of Meru National Park Betiri". Path we passed was the same as if it wants to reach the beach Sukamade but its location is closer. The beach is bordered by hills and from the top of the cliff we can see the full beauty of this beach. If you observe, you will find a small island with a tawny stone. There is also a waterfall in this bay.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Seven Summits of Indonesia

The Seven Summits of Indonesia is the seventh highest mountain peak in Indonesia. The concept is similar to the Seven Summits which is the seventh highest mountain peaks in the seven continents in the world.

The difference, 7th of this mountain in Indonesia and is the highest peaks on the seven islands and the main islands of Indonesia. Seven main island or islands are Papua, Kalimantan, Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Maluku islands, and the islands of Nusa Tenggara (Bali and Nusa Tenggara).

Articles on Indonesia's Highest Peak 7 is taken sites with some adjustments. Immediately, this is The Seven Summits of Indonesia or the Seven Summits of Indonesia.

1. Cartenzs Pyramid Sudirman Mountains; The highest peak on the island of Papua

The highest mountain peak on the island of Papua is Cartenzs Pyramid with a height of 4884 m above sea level. Carstenzs peak commonly called Puncak Jaya is part of Maoke Mountains (Sudirman Range) located in the province of Papua. It is located in the coordinates 04º 03? 48? LS 137º 11? 09? BT, Puncak Jaya is the highest peak in Indonesia and also entered into one of the Seven Summit on seven continents world Messne Reinhold version. The easiest route to climb through Ilaga (the northern route) or the Lions and Tembagapura (southbound lanes).

2. Mount Binaiya; The highest peak in Maluku Islands

The highest mountain peak in the Moluccas is the peak of Mount Binaiya (Binaia) with an altitude of 3,027 m above sea level. And. No volcanic mountain is located on Seram island in Central Maluku regency, Maluku. Precisely at coordinates 3 ° 10? Latitude and 129 ° 28? BT. Kepuncaknya ascent route can be started from the village of Kanike.

3. Peak Rantemario Mount Latimojong; The highest peak on the island of Sulawesi

The highest mountain peak on the island of Sulawesi held by Latimojong mountain with the highest peak named Chain Mario has an altitude of 3,478 m above sea level. Latimojong mountains which are not volcanic mountain is in Enrekang district, South Sulawesi, at coordinates 3 ° 22? 54? LS 120 ° 1? 43? BT. Ascent route can be started from the village of Authorship. Another source states Rantekombola highest peak is located adjacent to Rantemario.

4. Mount Bukit Raya; The highest peak on the island of Borneo

Borneo's highest mountain peak is Mount Kinabalu, but in fact the mountain is located in the region of Malaysia. Being the highest peak in "The Seven Summits of Indonesia" of Borneo is Mount Bukit Raya with an altitude of 2,278 m above sea level. No volcanic mountain that is part of the Muller Schwaner is located in Katingan, Central Kalimantan at coordinates 112º 07? BT and 00º 24? LS. These can be started from the ascent of Nanga Popai, West Kalimantan.

5. Mount Rinjani; The highest peak on the islands of Nusa Tenggara and Bali

The highest peak in Bali and Nusa Tenggara is Mount Rinjani with a height of 3,726 m above sea level. The volcano is located on the island of Lombok West Nusa Tenggara province at coordinates 8 ° 25? LS 116 ° 28? BT. Ascent route can be started from the village of Sembalunlawang.

6. Mahameru Mount Semeru; The highest peak on the island of Java

The highest peak on the island of Java is Mahameru which is the peak of Mount Semeru with an altitude of 3,676 m above sea level. The mountain is located in the province of East Java, between the district of Malang and Lumajang, with its geographical position between 8 ° 6? 28? LS, 112 ° 55? 12? BT. Mountaineering route can be started from the village of Ranupane.

7. Peak Mount Kerinci Indrapura; The highest peak on the island of Sumatra

The highest mountain peak on the island of Sumatra is Indrapura peak of Mount Kerinci with an altitude of 3,800 m above sea level. This volcano Located on the border of West Sumatra and Jambi at latitude 10 ° 45.50? LS 160 and 1010 °? BT. The mountain can be climbed from the village of Kersik Tuo.

Note: Promise not to dispose of waste during the ascent, and at the top. Collect and bring back rubbish down.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Adrenalin Spur in Wave of Sungai Kampar

Bono legend

Bono is the name given by the people of Teluk Meranti to wave categorized Tidal Bore, the hydrodynamic phenomena associated with the mass movement of water where the tidal wave propagates upstream with destructive force.

Bono became famous because it has been quite a lot of casualties and damaged ships passing if it should be passed without being able to escape with Bono. During this time, the stories are growing and milling in the community describe natural phenomena Bono just as terrible and frightening.

Bono himself according to legend is the creation of Allah. Local people call it by seals. Society is still believed it.

'' It was a legend. Previously, there are seven tails, but by the Dutch army they do not believe it. By people try to shoot and it is true, the tail die while Dutch troops that had come to die, '' said a local community Idris.


Abu Samah looked sharp eye toward the Kampar River. That morning he mingled with the people who witnessed a number of surfers who will compete in surfing competitions and bekudo bono. He recalled the incident several years ago when a wave of devastating bono threw a speedboat. A total of 45 passengers were killed in a speedboat fairly powerful wave swept it.

He told me, as usual every speedboat that will sail the river will stop briefly in Teluk Meranti, in addition to await the arrival bono also to stop eating for passenger speed. When bono speedboat has passed then proceeded manghantarkan the passengers to their destination.

Frightening first, Now So Purpose Rating

In the past, waves or wave bono Kampar River as a frightening figure, but now it became a mainstay for travel and also Pelalawan Riau Province.

Bono usually occurs in every 10-20 months or years Malay Arabic commonly referred to residents as "great month" or a full moon. Usually wave bono bono or large waves occurred on days 13-16 months. Waves that occur normally be white and brown color of the water by the Kuala Kampar. In addition, bono also occur in every month of death is the end of the month and the beginning of the month (1st) calendar Arab.

Location waves or wave bono bono Kampar River can be encountered in the Kampar District of Teluk Meranti Pelalawan. There are some points that are commonly used around the community to see the waves bono one of which is Cape Bebayang or Cape Shadows.

The Tanjung Bebayang Pelalawan Government has provided a cot for people who want to enjoy the waves bono. It was said, in Cape Bebayang there are a magnificent and beautiful palace, but the palace can not be seen with the naked eye, this palace is a palace delicate creature known as Bunian.

Bono bono waves or wave (wave bono) occurs when the time of the tide (high tide) that occur in the ocean enters the Kampar River. Kampar River water speed toward the sea currents collide with sea water entering the Kampar River.

The second clash of currents that caused the wave or waves. Bono will happen only when the tides. And would be even greater if at the time of the sea water have ups and large (large moon) accompanied by heavy rains in the upper reaches of the Kampar. The swift currents of the river due to rain will collide with the swift tides that go to Kuala Kampar. Early impending waves bono begins with the sound of thundering water. The rumbling sound grew louder the longer it will be accompanied by a wave magnitude bono. Bono wave speed reaches 40 km / h.

Bono wave height reaches 6 meters. Even bono waves capable of causing flooding while. Usually settlements around the edges of Kampar River will be flooded approximately 1 hour and height of water flooded the village reaches knee height adult. '' Nasiblah dead water, no ado Bono. Even if ado at night now, "said Busri.

To reach this bono (Sungai Kampar District of Teluk Meranti, Pelalawan), from Riau provincial capital Pekanbaru advance us towards Pangkalankerinci Capital Pelalawan. The journey to Pangkalankerinci can be done through the land with a distance of about 70 km or 2.5-3 hours drive because it is still a dirt road.

Public transportation that can be used is the travel or commonly referred to superben. The cost of travel from Pekanbaru to Pangkalankerinci of Rp20,000. Then from Pangkalankerinci towards Teluk Meranti could use a rental car or a rental car at the rate of 50,000 per person and the rental car terminal is available in Hotel Meranti Pangkalankerinci.

The journey from Pangkalankerinci to Teluk Meranti can be reached with a time of 3 hours. Besides the trip can also be done by means of water transport, from Pangkalankerinci (port in bridge Pangkalankerinci) we can use the speedboat to the village of Teluk Meranti with travel time of about 3 hours with travel expenses 150,000.

Beautiful Tropical Island in West Sumatra

An uninhabited island with an area that is not how prepared presenting gifts beautiful tropical island in West Sumatra. Pasumpahan is the goal, find the location in Kecamatan Bungus, Teluk Kabung, Kota Padang, Provinsi Sumatera Barat.

The city of Padang on the west coast of Sumatra Island presents a coastline of 84 kilometers with 19 beautiful islands to be visited in the vicinities.

Pasumpahan is a beautiful island that is easily accessible from the city of Padang. The island is believed to local residents is the incarnation Malin Kundang sworn (cursed) mother into stone. Residents believe that Malin Kundang cursed to stone on this island because it is associated the name 'Pasumpahan'.

Pasumpahan the 5 acres has white sand with clear sea water. Interestingly, this island as sea surface divided into three. Translucent colors on the edge, in front of the green, and blue in the middle section. The depth to the ocean waters around the island are the cause of the color difference.

Area waters of the island is enriched diversity of marine habitats including red lionfish (Pterois Volitans), turtles, sea cucumbers, and cuttlefish (Sepia sp).

In addition to the tropical island with white sand, the island has a major attraction in the form of beautiful underwater ecosystem. Coral reefs enough to be enjoyed by diving or snorkeling. There are different types of corals and fishes primarily approximately 21 species of fish butterflyfish Chaetodon dominated by trifascialis.

Dock on the island has a pole from coconut logs. Foundation made of beams dull. Although is not as sturdy as with age, in the vicinities of small fish congregate. Not far from the pier, there is a small stretch of mangrove forest.

You can swim around the Pasumpahan in some parts. If you desire to circle the island by swimming it is possible because the current is fairly quiet. It took over 2 hours to circle the island from the east side toward the north.

If you want to shop around to find the point of diving then it can be visited Gosong Island, Snake Island, Island Sirandah, and Pulan Pandan.

How do I reach the island?

Pasumpahan located on the west coast of Padang. Its location in the west of the island Small Satan or 200 meters from Sikuai. Exactly in the waters of the Gulf Bungus Kabung Subdistrict, Padang.

To achieve Pasumpahan from Banana River is with a wooden boat or speedboat about 20 minutes at a cost of Rp35 thousand per person round-trip. Bernoegosiasi can also rent a boat with the rental price 75 thousand with a capacity of 10 people.

If you want to go directly to Pasumpahan city of Padang, it can also rent a fishing boat from the Port of Bayur bay.


Most Blue Lake in Indonesia

Not only sea that turns blue, but in fact there is a lake that has the same color. Samares lake is considered as the only blue lake in Indonesia. But unfortunately, not many people know of the existence of this place.

Samares lake is located in the village of Samares, East Biak district, Noemfoor Biak, Papua. This lake water is blue and clear. In addition it is also cold lake water so that travelers prefer. They came to Samares to swim and enjoy the scenery around. The following photographs Samares lake.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Top 10 Best Beach in Indonesia by TripAdvisor

The award-winning beaches "Travellers'" is determined by the quantity and quality of the reviews and rating rating on beaches in TripAdvisor collected within a period of 12 months.

"Indonesia is known as one of the best beach destinations in the world. It is an honor to know that our beaches awarded the TripAdvisor travel community ", said Director General of Tourism Ministry of Tourism Marketing Esthy Reko Astuti.

10 Beach "Travellers' Choice" in Indonesia:

1. Nusa Dua Beach, Nusa Dua

Located 40 kilometers south of Denpasar, Nusa Dua Beach is a beach with pure white sand and safe for swimming. "The beach and a beautiful place. Quiet and very calming. The beach and the sea is clean, "commented one TripAdvisor reviewer.

2. Padang Padang Beach, Pecatu

Padang Padang beach is a beach that must be visited while on vacation to Uluwatu.
"The waves are very good, there are bays for swimming, and overall a unique experience to enjoy the beach," said one TripAdvisor reviewer.

3. Balangan Beach, Uluwatu

Balangan Beach is known for its waves are popular with surfers. "The beach is extraordinarily beautiful, a paradise for surfers. Stalls with delicious food and drink at affordable prices, "added one TripAdvisor reviewer.

4. Tanjung Aan Beach, Lombok

Travelers will enjoy the white sand beaches and crystal clear and blue sea along a mile. A TripAdvisor reviewer commented, "The beach is very beautiful, almost no people and the landscape would make a great picture for a postcard."

5. Tanjung Tinggi Beach, Belitung

This is a white sand beach surrounded by granite rocks are very large. "Fine white beach, crystal clear sea like, calm waves and the ranks of the big rocks are artistic," one TripAdvisor reviewer said.

6. White Sand Beach, Karangasem

White Sand Beach is located about 20 minutes drive to the north of Candidasa on the east coast of Bali. This beach is a hidden gem and a "refuge" good from the crowd. "I am very happy and feel like children. The air is pleasant, not crowded and clean blue sea and fantastic! "Said one TripAdvisor reviewer.

7. Jemeluk Beach, Amed, Karangasem

Jemeluk beach ideal for snorkeling and diving, with restaurants and night life. "Gulf Jemeluk beautiful, calm sea and fun snorkeling among colorful coral and a variety of fish," said one TripAdvisor reviewer.

8. Pink Beach, Komodo

Travelers can reach the Pink Beach by boat from Labuan Bajo. "Pink sandy beach is very rare in the world. Sand mixed with coral particles so that the color turned pink! There are no words that can describe how beautiful and wonderful is this beach, "comments one TripAdvisor reviewer.

9. Tanjung Papuma, Jember

Tanjung Papuma located in Jember, surrounded by rocks and has an impressive waves. "Beautiful beaches for those who want to get away from the city and enjoy the panoramic views from this beach," said one TripAdvisor reviewer.

10. Klayar Beach, Pacitan

Located in the west of Pacitan, Klayar Beach is a very quiet and relatively untouched. "The beach is very pretty. The scenery is unforgettable, "said one TripAdvisor reviewer.

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