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Welcome all.
I am the admin of this blog, thank you for your visit. I come from a town in the province of Lampung - Indonesia.

I created this blog to explain you how beautiful nature that exist in Indonesia.
And it is also an invitation for you to come to Indonesia, to feel one of the majesty of God.

In addition to explaining the natural beauty of Indonesia, sometimes I also share the knowledge about the culture that exists in Indonesia and its people, especially indigenous customs.

I believe consistent with the time, surely this blog will continue to grow and continue to grow until eventually there will be a lot of foreign tourists who set goals vacation to a country such as Indonesia.

All this I do, for the sake of sharing a privilege Indonesia and also for Indonesia itself.

Also it would be nice if you tell your friends, family, partners or others about how the beauty of nature in Indonesia through this blog. You can share the posts that I have written to social media accounts you already have.

Once again I thank you for your time to come to this blog, and then I wait for your arrival in my country "INDONESIA"

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