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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Wonderful Trip to Green Canyon Indonesia

If you feel too far away to visit the Grand Canyon in the USA there, now you do not need to be too disappointed again. Indonesia was also owns the Green Canyon itself is no less beautiful. Actually, this place has the original name ie Cukang Taneuh. Green Canyon own name was popularized by a French citizen in 1993. While Cukang Taneuh has the meaning that the land bridge. That's because over the valley and ravine Green Canyon there is a bridge of land used by farmers around there to get their garden.

Green Canyon Indonesia is located in the village Kertayasa, District Cijulang, Ciamis, West Java. From Kudat town itself is about 130 km or if from Pangandaran is about 31 km. Near this attraction are attractions Batukaras and Nusawiru Intl.

This amazing attraction is actually a flow of rivers that pass through the cave Cijulang filled with beauty and charm stalaktif stalakmitnya. In addition, this area is also flanked by two hills, also with many rocks and a grove of trees. Everything was formed as a natural painting so unique and so challenging to discover.

To reach this location tourists have departed from the dock Ciseureuh. Then traveled by boat outboard or paddle is widely available there. The distance between the dock with the location of Green Canyon about 3km, which can be reached within 30-45 minutes. Along the way we will pass the river with green colored water Tosca. Perhaps this is where the name of the Green Canyon derived.

Once seen rapids with a narrow groove that difficult to pass by boat means it's up in the mouth of Green Canyon, where the water is very clear bluish. This is where the beauty of early surf adventure attraction begins. From here tourists can go on to the top with a swim or creeping on the edge of the stone. Provided tires and buoys for those who choose to swim. Although the need to take this way, the trip is fully guaranteed safe. Even for children 6 years and over safe enough to down the river flow by using tires and guided by the owner of the rented boat.

The journey will continue to be in the basin steep walls on either side of the river flow. Walls to present its own beauty, the most unique shaped like a cave whose roof had collapsed. Also in the top several times visitors will pass through the stalactites are still flowing ground water droplets. After a few hundred meters of swimming, it would seem some small waterfall on the left and right are so charming. If you continue to swim, visitors will arrive at the end of the road, where there are many caves inhabited by bats.

The flow of the river flow is quite long, so that visitors can swim it up while following the flow of the waterfall. In addition to beautiful views over the water surface, the Green Canyon will be a separate heaven for those who like diving. Stay bring some diving equipment, stunning scenery basins in the water waiting to be explored and enjoyed, complete with a variety of fish that swim to and fro in the bottom base. For those who like to challenge the adrenaline, can jump from a large rock with a height of 5m to the bottom of the base.

For those of you who really want to enjoy the beauty of the Green Canyon attraction should be familiar with the seasons. Because the best time to enjoy keindahaan this attraction is a few moments after entering the dry season. Because if the rainy season, it is feared torrential river and the water color will be brown.

Before you decide to go to the Green Canyon, you should first prepare enough cash. Because, there tidakada bank or ATM. For ATM, venue and accommodation facilities are complete you can get in Pangandaran.

For access to boating, there is available a fleet of boats that quite a lot. There are about 100 boats that can take you to browse this attraction. On each boat will be equipped with an interpreter and stone duty to guide you on the way.

Itineraries must be taken to get the Green Canyon namely:

From Jakarta and Bandung,

You can follow These Directions to Central Java with through-Ciamis Lake City Cities Banjar- Pangandaran.


To EAST JAVA you can head Direction CENTRAL JAVA first, then proceed to take the path to West Java by following the path Direction (Purworejo-Kebumen-Wangon-Banjar- Pangandaran-Ciamis).

For those of you who use public transportation, of course, do not bother to think about the route. Because the driver will take you direct to Pangandaran (Green Canyon). But to note that where you Stay there, you can choose a lodging located in hotels are available plenty in Pangandaran or can also stay in a tourist attraction Batukaras very close to the Green Canyon. (for hotel information data you can see the list of the available hotels at this site).

Enjoy Long Vacation with Your Family, Visit and Enjoy Potential Attractions another Ciamis Regency, which is no less interesting to the Green Canyon.

Admission attractions Cukang Taneuh (GREEN CANYON)
  • Tickets Boat Rp.125.000, -
  • 1 boat contents max capacity 6 people,
  • toddlers commencing 1 person
  • open daily from 08:00 to 17:00 hours
  • Friday open from 13:00

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