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Friday, December 12, 2014

Trip to Tidung Island in Jakarta

Tidung Island in Jakarta has the beauty of marine tourism that you should try. Tidung has clear sea water with coral rocks colorful. In tourist areas Tidung, you also can see a view of the mangrove forest.

Tidung is one of the islands of the Kepulauan Seribu Islands, has been transformed into a tourist destination in Jakarta that attracts many residents of the capital to spend their weekends with the family. Tidung has a quiet atmosphere, as favored by the atmosphere of Tidung is shady beaches and calm sea.

In Tidung, many tourists relax in the gazebo or under a shady tree, also sunbathe, to see the sunrise, or enjoy water games such as Banana Bout, Water Spot, Cano, Sea Goose, Jetsky.

Tidung island is divided into two parts, namely Big Tidung and Small Tidung. Big Tidung Island is an attractive tourist destination in Jakarta that consist by many beaches should you to visit. While Small Tidung Island is an uninhabited area, just overgrown with mangrove forests that are managed directly by the local government to maintain the balance of nature.

To get Tidung, you can depart from the port in Marina Ancol. From here, you will travel for 1 hour by speedboat to get Tidung Island.

In addition to the departure point Tidung you can also start from the port in Muara Angke. From Angke, you will take time for 2.5 hours to get the Tidung Island.

Tourism activities Tidung

Besides Banana Boat, Water Spot, Cano, Sea Goose, Jetsky, you can do snorkeling and diving in the tourist area of this Tidung Island. There is a place what rent many snorkel equipment that you can go. One of the unique in Tidung is the Bridge of Love.

Actually, the love bridge is a bridge that connects Big Tidung and Small Tidung. Enjoy a walk along this bridge is an interesting experience. You can watch the enchanting sea panorama with blue sea water, beautiful coral reefs, up to watch the sunset.

There is a popular activity carried out at the Bridge of Love, namely Jump Tidung. You can jump / plunge into the sea from the bridge which has 6 m high.

As usual the weather in the tourist area of the island / marine, the sun is something you feel normal. Therefore, the best way to keep your body cool during enjoy sightseeing in Tidung is to use clothing with cotton material that absorbs sweat, and select brightly colored clothes to avoid the absorption of sunlight that much.

Accommodation in Tidung Island

Tidung Island has many homestay and accommodation. There is facing directly into the sea, and equipped with facilities other extras.

To be sure, a family tourist activities in Tidung Island is one of the things that you should try, especially if you are a citizen of Jakarta.

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