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Monday, May 25, 2015

The Benign Snake Island

Thus Snake Island Bima People call it, because maybe the island is only inhabited by a bunch of benign snakes that does not bother residents. What is interesting is not actually because of the many snakes or absence of people who want to stay on the island which is approximately an area of 500 m2, but more because of the snakes is different from the general serpent in Bima Regions. These snakes are looking for food in the sea and resting on top of the island in between the cracks of rocks or hanging on the cliffs, then make the appeal of this island.

This island a habitat for a population of sea snakes with a unique color combination of black and white silver with glossy. This snake is a benign snake and friendly to tourists who visit it. Snake island can be reached with a travel time of about 45 minutes drive from the city of Bima using ground transportation.

The snakes at the Snake Island according to the locals is a type of sea snake. Anyone knows that sea snakes including highly poisonous snakes. Judging from its physical characteristics, the snake is shaped like a sea snake. flat tail like a fish's tail, white color silver and shiny black. When held not slippery at all as befits the snakes on the ground. Her skin was rough and finned like fish. Although wild life, they are very docile and friendly towards visitors. When held they did not bite or twisted.

Visited tourist attraction? Snake Island? you are also presented with the beauty of Bima sea. From Sangiang volcano, this island looked stood firm. The peak is always shrouded in mist.

In the legend, the island of snakes is the incarnation of the Portuguese ships were stranded in the waters of Wera. Snakes are the incarnation of the passengers and crew ship. While the two Cambodian tree that grows on both sides of the island is the incarnation of the Portuguese ship masts.

Although it is a legend, but the Snake Island is increasingly known to the world. Many local and foreign tourists who visit the island. Local government should immediately arrange this island, build roads, such facilities brugak-brugak in the seaside village of Pai for rent to visitors and would be a source of revenue for the Region, they are very docile and friendly towards visitors. When held they did not bite or twisted.


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