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Niagara Falls Indonesian Version

1. Curug Malela

High waterfall is approximately 60 to 70 meters with a width of 50 meters. Turns Curug Malela is a collection of seven waterfalls that exist in that area and where there is at the very top level. The region has seven levels of towering waterfalls as far as one kilometer. The order is Curug malela, curug katumiri, Curug Manglid, Curug Ngeubul, Curug Sumpel, Curug Palisir, dan Curug Pamengpeuk.

Curious traveler who wants to come there could be a route of Bandung using an alternative pathway to Cimahi. Next to Cililin and further to Sendang Kereta. From Sendang Kereta continue the journey to the tea plantations Montajaya. from there a traveler can leave the vehicle and proceed to the waterfall on foot.

2. Waterfall Temam

The waterfall is located in the village Temam Rahma, District of South Lubuklinggau 1, Lubuklinggau, South Sumatra. Probably not many people know about the existence of this waterfall, but the beauty of nature that served so fresh and fascinating. Anyone that there will be at home made.

Temam waterfall has a height of 12 meters with a width of 20 meters. Elongated shape so that the water that falls from the cliff formed like a curtain that makes it very similar to the Niagara Falls. Plus the four-meter-deep natural pool under the waterfall growing steadily for swimming.

Tips before visited this waterfall is preparing stamina, because it must pass 98 steps. But do not worry, the beauty of the waterfall can directly remove the tired traveler for passing the stairs earlier.

3. Waterfall Moramo

Have landscapes like Curug Malela which consists of seven levels, Waterfall Moramo in Suaka Alam Tanjung Peropa, Moramo, Sulawesi Tenggara,  is a multilevel waterfall (cascade) which is beautiful with a height of about 100 meters.

From these heights, the water flows through the seven main levels. In addition to the seven main levels, there are also 60 small levels that also functions as a reservoir of water (a kind of pond water). Of the many pools, the only one that can be used for swimming, the pool located at the second level of the seven levels of the main waterfall

You have to walk as far as two kilometers from where the vehicle in the parking lot. Uniquely, this waterfall has a myth that is quite popular among the residents of Southeast Sulawesi, where it is said this is where the nymphs bathing. If you want to visit this waterfall you can do a 1.5 hour drive from Kendari by private car or rental car.

4. Curug Sewu

The last waterfall like Niagara Falls is Waterfall Sewu or more popularly called Curug Sewu. Waterfall Curugsewu has a distinctive and unique compared to other waterfall, with a total height of 70 meters consisting of 3 waterfall, each of which has a height of 45 meters, 15 meters and 20 meters. Curug Sewu traveler can encounter in the village Curugsewu, District Patean, Kendal regency, Central Java. Different from other waterfalls in this list, in this area there are substations of view that allows a traveler to see the waterfall from the top.

Curug Sewu region is also equipped with a playground, zoo and swimming pools. You could say these tourist areas have been managed well. Access was fairly easy because most trusted traveler can use a private vehicle or public transportation to get to the location. The route from Semarang, you can go to Sukorejo then proceed to the attraction Curug Sewu.



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