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Monday, June 8, 2015

Intata, Uninhabited Islands in the North Indonesia that Amazed You

Imagine the beauty of the beautiful and exotic island, with sand as soft as flour, sea water is super clear with color gradation from blue to green Tosca, and gently swaying on the beach? Come to Intata. You will feel like royal warrior because conquering an island. Yes, the island is uninhabited. Intata island is one of the 11 outermost small islands of the outer islands owned by the Province of North Sulawesi.

Intata island located in the northern part of Sulawesi Island directly adjacent to the Philippines. This island has an area of ​​only 0.15 square kilometers and a lot of palm trees. In the southern and western parts are white sand, while in the eastern part of the rocky coast. Administratively, the island Intata entered in the District Nanusa, Talaud Islands, the Pacific Ocean bounded to the east and south of the island Kakorotan.

According to the story, once Intata is part of Kakorotan Island, a large island on the other side, until the earthquake followed by tsunami struck so that separate Intata of Kakorotan in the 1600s. Most of the island and its inhabitants swept away Intata sunk, and until now the people there just lived in Kakorotan.

The Kakorotan contained pier extends for about 300 meters. In this wharf Pioneer boats and ships that sail Pelni Nusa northern route, the area covering three counties in the northern tip of Sulawesi, stop by to transport and drop off passengers and goods.

Ride from Bitung port, you can get a bonus stop in umpteen port before arriving in Intata. Required at least three days' journey from Bitung before arriving at Intata. Although old, but guaranteed, the islands were visited nor when beauty. North Nusa indeed exotic territory in the Pacific Ocean lips. If you want to travel fast, you can catch a flight from Manado to Melongguane in Talaud, from there and then rent a boat speed boat to Intata. If the oceans shade, it only took about 4 hours can already docked in Intata.

The Intata not available lodging, because this island is uninhabited. But do not worry, the friendly resident Kakorotan willing to accommodate you in their homes.

Intata island is also the venue for the ceremony Mane'e. Mane'e is a traditional ceremony to catch fish together. This ceremony is also a tradition of fishing the most unique in the world. Read more ...

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